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Indy Business Graffiti #18: McCordsville, Indiana Florists, The 4th Grade Dropout’s Tale, and The Magic Of Being Dumb

Just a brief little post because I need to tell you something important:  whether you’re running a flower shop in McCordsville, IN or building a network marketing company in Los Angeles, CA, if you’re not making as much money as you want to right now, it’s probably because your too damn smart to make more money.


What do I mean “too smart to make more money?”  Just this…


…I know a lot about this little golden nugget personally because I was born a pretty below average intelligence.  As a matter of fact, I actually failed 4th grade.  But I make more money than the very smart college professor who lives next door to me and I always seem to wipe the floor up in outearning much smarter people who are building the same home based business vehicle as me.


Why?  Because I KNOW I’m not that smart, so I alaways loook for ways to leverage other people’s knowledge and efforts.  Super smart asses always try to do everything themselves because they’re so smart, so they miss out on the magic wealth building power of leverage.


And leverage is an extremely beautiful thing.  There are a lot of ways to define it, but basically it means to produce more with less.


I can outperform them by 100 times because I use other people to do waaaaay more work than I could do myself and I have the advantage of using rare, little known expert knowledge and know how that I’ve never invested my personal time to acquire.


Look, if you want to be millionaire in business, you’ve got to learn this lesson and learn it fast.  Don’t be the smartest person in the room, be the dumbest.  Keep yourself surrounded with smarter mor capable people than yourself and look for ways to use leverage.  Look for ways to put the smarter people around you to work using their gifts to make you more money.


Trust me, that is exactly how I was able to start this blog and turn it into a successful powerhouse site.


Take the flower shop in McCordsville I spoke about in the first paragraph again for example.  What I would do instead of taking a year trying to figure out the entire McCordsville and greater Indianapolis, IN area so I can deliver flowers throughout Indiana more quickly, I’d just hire someone who was experienced in flower delivery in McCordsville and let them handle it while I kept my attention on the other aspects of the business I was more adept in performing.


Nuff said?  Wanna drastically increase your revenues?  Simple solution.  Be dumber my friend.  Be dumber.

Indy Business Graffiti #17: Stop Driving Yourself Around Indianapolis And Make Yourself Some Money By Taking A Limousine Service

A few years ago I read a short sentence by Perry Marshall that changed my life and business fortunes forever.  He said…

make some money by booking a limo service in indianapolis

…stop cutting your own grass.


His basic point was that your time as a business owner or entrepreneur is limited.  You need to spend as many of your hours as possible doing $100 per hour or $1000 per hour work, not $10 per hour work.  Cutting your lawn is $10 per hour work and you should pay someone else to do it and invest your time no higher value work.


And for the most part, so is driving yourself around to places that are more than 10 minutes away from you, like the airport or the concert or the football stadium where the New York football Giants play.  (sorry, I’m a g-men fan, so you know.  You fill in your favorite professional team and sporting event.)


Instead of driving yourself, make some money and rent yourself a limo.  It’ll be a helluva lot more fun and way more productive.



If you need a referral to the best limo service in Indianapolis, no problem.  The best one with the best rates I’ve ever booked from is one called Luxe Limo Service Indianapolis over at, and I’ve booked from a bunch of limousine companies all over the United States.


See, the point is that the hour to 2 hours you’re spending driving to JFK to catch your flight, instead of cussing out cab drivers and ladies putting on makeup and posting on facebook while they’re driving 98 mph on the freeway, guess what is a better use of your time?